I am a first year doctoral student in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department at Columbia University.

I am broadly interested in the theoretical aspects of Machine Learning. Some speicific areas of interest include Online Learning, Bandits, Optimization, Reinforcement Learning Theory and Statistical learning theory.

I hold an MS in CS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a B.Tech in CSE from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I spent a year as a Budding Scientist at Conduent Labs/Xerox Research Center India.


Email: sudeepraja.putta at columbia.edu


  • I will be attending COLT’19 and STOC’19 at Phoenix.
  • I will be attending the MIFODS workshop on Non-convex optimization and deep learning in January.
  • My paper, Exponential Weights on the Hypercube in Polynomial Time, has been accepted at AISTATS 2019. This is joint work with Abhishek Shetty.
  • I received the Sudha Mishra and Rajesh Jha Scholarship.
  • In summer 2018 I will be interning with Navin Goyal at MSR Bangalore.


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Don’t worry about the overall importance of the problem; work on it if it looks interesting. I think there’s a sufficient correlation between interest and importance. — David Blackwell